Classic Full Set of Lashes - A single faux lash is attached to a single natural lash adding density and length.

This full set is perfect for those desiring a natural look.  Think fuller and longer natural lashes without mascara.  Results will vary from person to person as someone with a full and healthy set of natural lashes will achieve a fuller result than those who have a thin and sparse natural lash line.  This set is perfect for first time lash wearers. 

Application Time: 2 hours


Signature Full Set of Lashes - A mix of Classic and Volume lashes for a true custom-tailored look.


Introducing the perfect marriage.  If you desire a bit more fullness and fluff, but still want to have a natural appearance, this is the set for you.  Both classic (1:1) and volume (1:2-4) depending on lash health) lashes are used for a very custom-tailored lash look.  This set is perfect for those who desire more from the classic set, but are not ready for a full set of volume lashes.

Application Time: 2.5 hours


Volume Full Set of Lashes - 2- 4 super thin lashes are attached to a single natural lash creating fluff and fullness.

This luxurious set uses the advanced technique of applying hand-designed fans of 2-4 super thin and light lashes for each of your natural lashes.  Volume lashes are perfect for those with thin and sparse natural lashes who desire a fuller look than can be achieved with classics.  This is the fullest and fluffiest set available.  Results will vary depending on natural lash health. 

Application Time: 3-3.5 hours


Lash Fills

Due to the natural shedding process of your natural lashes, refills are needed to maintain the look and restore fullness.  During this service, shed and outgrown lashes are replaced. You must have at least 20 lashes or lash fans per eye at the time of your appointment.  If not, you will be upgraded and charged for a full set.  Please schedule appropriately. 

NOTE:  A lot of factors will affect how long and well your lashes will last.  Please read my aftercare dos and dont's to ensure you maintain the right habits at home, here.  The "Highly Recommended" Fill options will allow for maximum restoration of lash sets that may have been on vacation or endured high impact activities.  


60 min. Fill   -   $85
every 2-3 weeks

90 min. Fill   -   $105

(Highly Recommended)
every 2-3 weeks

Lash Lift & Tint

Natural lashes are curled and tinted (optional)  for hassle-free beauty.  Click here to learn more.

Lash Lift & Tint     $90

Lash Lift only  $80


90 min. Fill   -   $110
every 2-3 weeks

120 min. Fill   -  $130

(Highly Recommended)
every 3 weeks



Specially formulated tint safe for facial skin is used to define and enhance. 

Brow Tint              $25

Lash Tint               $25


90min. Fill   -   $130
every 2-3 weeks

120 min. Fill   -  $150

(Highly Recommended)
every 3 weeks


Gentle hard wax is used to defuzz and refine.

Brow Shaping       $25

Lip                       $10

Chin                     $12

Sideburns             $12




Available for purchase In-Store & Online